The Power of One World Leadership Foundation is committed to uniting the children of the world from all ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds by instilling leadership qualities that empower each child to make a positive impact on the future of humanity.


  • To become involved with children when they are most receptive to develping character traits that allow them to actualize leadership skills

  • To Develop key character traits of leaders in all the children involved in the Power Of One Leadership programs:

    • Confidence
    • Compassion
    • Determination
    • Pride
    • Self Control
    • Discipline
    • Respect
    • Humility

  • To Provide an arena where the children can transform character traits into leadership experiences.  People exercise leadership when they:

    • Show accountability
    • Make ethical decisions and enroll others into those decisions
    • Show Fairness and Compassion
    • Act with Integrity and communicate the moral compass that they follow
    • Express humility and place the common interest above their own self interest



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